Monday, December 5

Unsuccessful parliamentary candidate to contest in future local council election

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By Binta Jaiteh

Samba Touray, an unsuccessful independent candidate for Bundungka Kunda in the just concluded National Assembly election has revealed intention to contest in the local council election.

In his post-election interview with The Voice, he said: “I will never give up despite losing in the National Assembly election. This is a test for me to restructure myself and get ready for the council election which is around the corner and I have the believed that I will make it in the councilor elections.”

“Life is all about win or lost so that should not make me to give up rather to rebrand myself and face the challenges in life.”

According to him, the just concluded election is done in a free and fair atmosphere as far as the parliamentary election is concern, and he advised the current elected member for Bundungka Kunda to stand firm and address the challenges of the constituency.

“I urge him also to address the issue of price hike since it is a crucial important issue concerning the people of the Gambians. I am the only independent candidate that has not been supported by any party and am proud to say that?  The people of Bundungka Kunda have decided and selected their representative at the parliament who will represent us for the next five years and their decision should be respected.

“However, this parliamentary election is a good step in my life and it has taught me the true teachings of life and it gave me the courage to be brave and bold with this experience I will conquer any challenge that faces me.  I call on all the successful elected candidates to work and develop this country we are the people who can fight and develop this country for the future generation,” he added.