Tuesday, March 28

Upper Nuimi Cashew farmers urges government to set prices for the year’s sale

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 By: Haruna Kuyateh

 Fa Omar Sonko, President of the Upper Nuimi Cashew Farmers Association has called on the government through the Ministry of Trade to come up with better price cashew as the season kicks off.

Sonko of Nuimi Sika noted that government intervention in the buying of cashew nuts would help to coordinate buying with good prices, noting that farmers have started collecting nuts and await the 2023 market price from the government.

 He said the intervention of the Ministry of Trade would contribute to ensuring actors in cashew farming, value addition expands and contributes to economic development; noting cashew farming should be promoted to restore forest cover, enhance soil conservation and mitigate the effect of climate change.

 He urged livestock owners to support cashew farmers during this moment, while he called on farmers to create fire belts around farms to protect against bushfires.