Friday, September 29

URR chiefs fail to deliver judgment in land case amid unruly crowd

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Chief Alhagie Bacho Ceesay of Kantora District who is the chairman of the Wuli Bantunding District Tribunal Court together with Chief Kanimang Sanneh of Jimara District, Jun Bah of Sandu District, Mamadou Bah of Wuli West District, Edrisa Solo Juwara of Wulli East District, Haji Jagana of Tumanna district and Amed Minteh Krubally of Basse failed to deliver the judgment when a large and unruly crowd surrounded the court house.

According to Chief Alhagie Bacho Ceesay, chairman of the court, they could not deliver the judgment because they lacked adequate security.

A judgment was earlier passed in the case by four chiefs but Ba Yerro Camara appealed against the district tribunal’s ruling, being dissatisfied with the chiefs’ decision.

After an investigation by the high court, the case was sent back to the chiefs for their final ruling.

The case has dragged for three years.

The case was therefore adjourned until further notice when they would have adequate Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers guarding and patrolling the court premises.

Ba Yerro Camara, who claimed to be the owner of the land said he was jailed for 2 weeks at Janjangbureh prison together with five of his family members for claiming ownership of the compound.

According to him (Camara), which was initially reported by The Point, he had settled in the compound for the past 15 years and has been regularly paying taxes yearly through his village alkalo.

He further claimed that they wanted to take the compound from him is because he never accepted being referred to as a slave.

Meanwhile, Alhagie Abdoulie Bajaga, Ba Yerro Camara’s denied Camara’s claims, saying the land was lent to him and that they do not have slave clans in their community.