Saturday, April 1

US Issues Travel Advisory on Gambia –

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The United States of America has issued a travel advisory, saying Exercise increased caution in The Gambia due to crime and inadequate health infrastructure and some areas have increased risk.

Statement obtained from stated that the southern border area adjacent to Senegal’s Casamance region is due to the potential presence of landmines and sporadic border skirmishes.

“Theft and home burglaries occur frequently in The Gambia, especially in the broader Banjul area. U.S. government personnel live in housing with heightened security measures.

“The Gambia’s health infrastructure is inadequate; services, hygiene, and quality control do not meet U.S. standards of care. Pharmacies are not well regulated; locally available medications may be unsafe.

“The Gambia’s Southern Border with Senegal: Some landmines from the Casamance conflict remain in the border region. There have been occasional border skirmishes in this region. If travelling near or across the border stay on main roads and do not travel at night,” the US travel advisory said.