Tuesday, October 4

UTG Announces D43m for Academic Research |

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By: Nyima Sillah

The University of The Gambia has announced receiving a staggering amount of forty-three thousand dalasi (D43 million) to help lecturers conduct academy research.

Speaking during the UTG inauguration ceremony of Directorate of Research and Consultancy on Wednesday, Professor Pierre Gomez, Deputy Vice Chancellor of UTG said: “D43million has been exclusively given to the university lecturers to support UTG Research programme. “Last year for the first time in the history of the university, they gave D60 million to support their academic staff to conduct research,” he disclosed.

According to him, there is a time frame in which they have to submit the outcome of their research and all these policies must inform policymakers. Adding that they have also conducted some training, and next month series of trainings will be conducted with different partners.

“This organization is bringing millions to the university of the Gambia those millions have gone back to the academics. 80% of them will be to support them for the consultancies and so just 20% will stay within the university and that 20% also will not be used for anything else than supporting research for academic’s that is our mission,” he expressed.

Meanwhile, UTG Vice Chancellor Dr Faqir Muhammed Anjum said the directorate was established to better coordinate research activities of the university through a well-structured governance framework.

“Research cannot be promoted without having a very robust research governance infrastructure. This is the challenge that the university has been grappling with from inception. I want to call on partners especially those of you that are here today, to support the university’s course to be the powerhouse in research in the Gambia and beyond,” he made a call to everyone.

He therefore, disclosed quickly that research is expensive but worthwhile venture and support of all and sundry is needed.

Professor Gomez pointed out that through research new discoveries are made as well as new technologies and ideas are developed for the betterment of the society. Therefore, engaging in high impactful research is important for improving the global profile of the UTG.

Director of Research and Consultancy Muhammed Sanyang urged the government to invest, promote and support university research at all levels because that will contribute to national development, and help to shape evident base policies.”