Friday, September 29

UTG lecturer resigns from Vice Chancellor Selection Committee

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The letter obtained by The Point and addressed to The Chairman UTG Governing Council states: “On May 26th, 2021, I was nominated by the Senators during the Senate meeting to represent the members in the joint search committee of Council and Senate as mandated by The University of The Gambia Bye Laws, 1999.”

“Nominated members from both Council and Senate met on Saturday, May 29th, 2021, to consider the draft advertisement of the position of Vice Chancellor together with the timeline for advertisement, deadline for receipt of applications, and the interview date. During the meeting, I raised several factors to be reconsidered as opposed to the draft advertisement, but were not endorsed by the members.”

Gibba, in the letter added: “Among the concerns raised were that “the posts of the Vice Chancellor (VC) and Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), shall be advertised locally and if need be, international, one year before the expiration of tenure of the office of the incumbent”. Members did not concur with this section 4.3.5 (p.13) of the 2007 UTG Conditions of Service. Surprisingly, it was repeatedly emphasised during the meeting that UTG Conditions of Service is not a “legal document” despite the fact that it clearly states the twelve-month duration for advertisement.”

“That the University Registrar shouldn’t be part of the joint search committee as his presence as the Secretary of the joint search committee is not in accordance with the bye-laws of UTG in section 4(1), (a), (b), (c). I believe that the committee should identify a person among the members to be the Secretary.”

“For transparency purposes and as opposed to the draft advertisement, I suggested that a single official email be created for the joint search committee for all members to have equal and timely access to the submitted applications of interested candidates. This was disregarded by the members. They emphasised that all the applications be sent to the Chairperson and Registrar’s emails, the latter who should not be part of the joint search committee as enshrined in section 4(1), (a), (b), (c), of the UTG bye-laws. If this is the case, then why the need for the joint search committee?

Gibba further stated: “Based on the above reasons, I therefore tender my resignation as a nominated Senate member for the joint search committee on both moral and ethical grounds with immediate effect, until and unless the points raised are given due consideration.”