Monday, October 2

UTG staff request impartial investigation into grade scandal

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The UTGFSA raised the concern after the University of The Gambia (UTG) distributed a two-page, unsigned press release to the UTG community and some media outlets, purportedly from the Governing Council of the University of The Gambia regarding the grade scandals that have recently come to light.

This issue is of significant concern to the general public, and as the UTG Staff Association, “we would like to state our position:

Concerns about the Fact-Finding Panel:The staff association have concerns about the impartiality of the Fact-Finding Investigative Panel because the panel included deans from some of the affected schools, a conflict of interest that may have affected the findings. The association is adamant that an impartial and independent investigation is essential for assuring fairness and transparency.
Transparency and Fairness in Naming Individuals:It is discriminatory to publicly mention Dr. John T. Mendy while concealing the other accused individuals’ identities (i.e., staff and students). Transparency and fairness should be applied consistently to all parties involved.
Equity in Dealing with Staff and Students:The association also questioned the approach of naming and dismissing the accused staff for grade alterations while concealing the names of accused students and not expelling them equally. The association, therefore, advocates for equitable treatment and consequences for all parties found responsible.
Scope of Implication:The association believes that the reported number of 60 implicated students might not accurately reflect the extent of these scandals. They want a more comprehensive investigation to determine the issue’s full scope.”

In light of these concerns, the UTG Staff Association said it is actively conducting investigations and fulfilling its responsibilities to ensure that the relevant stakeholders establish an independent committee to reinvestigate these grade alteration scandals, which are of significant public interest.

“The association is committed to advocating for fairness, transparency, and justice to restore the institution’s integrity,” it said.

 The UTG Staff Association also requested for the comprehensive report to be shared to the public for their information, saying a two-page press release cannot replace an 8-month investigation data collection.

The UTG Faculty and Staff emphasised its strict zero-tolerance stance towards misconduct and any malfeasance that endangers the university’s integrity. They vowed to safeguard high academic standards, ethics and value for the national interest.

“We appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate this challenging situation together to ensure that the reputational damage of the University is restored. We will keep you updated on any developments as we continue working towards a solution that will keep the integrity and reputation of the University of The Gambia,” concluded the press release signed by Yorro Njie, Secretary General of the UTG Staff Association.