Sunday, January 29

Vendors at Sandaka Calls on KMC to expand Marketspace

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Vendors at Sandaka market are calling on KMC to expand and put in place a healthy cleaning system for the seasonal and other food items vendors

Speaking to The Voice Demba Sowe, a vendor who sells seasonal food items highlighted that he has been selling here for the past years and there is no difference with regards to the market location.

“The market is not up to standard and a whole lot of different vendors meet here to sell their items struggling with the little income they have for their families.

The market needs expansion because we find it very difficult to put our stuff together, especially during the rainy season. The ground is always nasty and not favorable to our clients and us. Every individual wants a clean and healthy environment, even as a market but it needs to be clean as always,”

He added: The market is small and cannot accommodate us, so for that being  the reason we need a big and comfortable market that can accommodate us, a place where we will not disturb each other and our items will be kept safe, “

According to him, looking at the market, even those with the small store are finding it difficult because their roof gets damaged when there is heavy wind or rain, adding that they used their own money to rebuild the market leaving them with nothing for their families.

Fatoumatta Bah, stated that water is their big problem while she appealed to KMC to provide a tap for the vendors, noting that they get water from the neighborhood.