Tuesday, October 3

Vice President Joof launches ChildFund 2022-2026 Country Strategic Plan

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The Vice President of The Gambia, Badara A. Joof on Wednesday officially launched the ChildFund’s Country Strategic Plan (CSP 2022-2026) from the organization’s projects and program plans for the children of the Gambia.

ChildFund is also focused on the quest to ensure all children have safe childhood to become healthy and productive members of society.

ChieldFund The Gambia which has been in existence in the country since 1984, in the West Coast Region, where most of the population lives below the poverty line, has been working in 146 communities in the West Coast, Lower River, Central River, and the North Bank Region through registered local community-based organizations with village development committees.

In his launching remarks, Vice President Badara A. Jaoof commended ChildFund for complementing the government’s national development efforts in various sectors through Gambia’s office.

He noted that ChildFund has been with the government for over three decades in improving continuous support for many sectors such as education, health care, provision of water, hygiene and sanitation, emergency response, and disaster management with the government’s appreciation.

He said investment in children is one of the core strategies of President Barrow’s government, as well one of the core principles of Childfund is the bedrock of any meaningful economic and social development.

He pointed out the government’s commitment to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals and the targets of the Global Strategy for Women, Children, and Adolescents Health (2016-2030) with the government’s commitment. This is to improve the quality of care with continuous decision-making aimed at improving health outcomes for people of the Gambia regardless of their locality, gender, and socioeconomic status.

In her welcoming remarks, ChildFund Country Director, Musukuta Koma revealed that ChildFund implements programs in health, nutrition, early childhood development, education for youth, resilience building, and child protection with target children from 0-24 years with much attention to those living in deprivation including children from poor households.

Since 1984, when ChildFund began operations in the country, she said they were linking individual sponsors with individual children in need, with progress. He said their approach evolved into one of community development, while still maintaining the individual sponsor-to-child connection with sponsor funds pooled to improve the local environment in the communities where sponsored children live.

ChildFund board chairperson, Musa Mbye extended ChildFund’s gratitude to the Gambia Government for continuing to promote Child Development, focusing on creating inclusive policies, systems, and services for children, and this is showcased by the establishment of the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Welfare.

He said as they remain optimistic under the ministry’s leadership, the children’s voices would be heard, with their needs incorporated into policies and programs, and their families’ needs to be addressed as well.