Tuesday, March 28

Victim of Jammeh Appeals to Electorates Not To Vote for NPP

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By Mama A. Touray

Victim of former president Yahya Jammeh, Binta Nyabally has urged her fellow victims and electorates not to vote for the National People’s Party in the upcoming local government elections.

Nyabally made the clarion call at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara conference center while addressing a forum which assembled different stakeholders including her fellow victims.

In a weird tone, Nyabally said: “Do not vote for the government. They will not solve your problem. They will come with their claims that they are behind you especially the women but know that they are not behind you, they are just looking for their interest.”

She argued that if the government is behind the victims’ then President Adama Barrow will come to their aid.

She inquired: “Has Barrow and his government sat down to have a discussion with us the victims?”

However, she added that the major challenge victims are facing today is lack of support for treatment as most of the victims are sick and their source of income cannot sustain them.

“To buy medicine is a problem because we all know that if you go to the hospital they don’t give you medicine they prescribed it for you to go and buy .If you cannot treat us give us what you supposed to give us, if you cannot do that, then try and reach out to people who are sick and help them with treatment before they die,” she stressed.