Wednesday, February 1

Victims’ head describes Solo’s state funeral as “window dressing”

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“The government did it as a window dressing just for the sake of organising a so-called state ceremony,” he said. “The whole setting of the event had not been well coordinated and planned and all those that should have been invited were never invited especially the victims’ associations.”

He said the Centre has always been engaging the Minister for Justice to release Solo’s remains to the family, so that it can be accorded a dignified befitting burial.

Kijera continued that none of Solo Sandeng’s compatriots, like Nogoi Njie, Sukai Dahaba, Lamin Fallai Sonko and many others were invited to grace the official burial ceremony.

“The government lacks consideration for the compatriots and the entire victim’s community. They have no interest in the welfare of the victims and a total disregard for the Civil Society Organisations because none of them was invited as well.”

He reiterated that the victims are so disappointed with the Ministry of Justice for the manner the whole event was carried out. He added that April 14 2016 is not just about Solo Sandeng but about collective efforts.

Kijera said further that it’s a disappointment on the side of the government and rather unfortunate that victims found themselves in such a predicament in relation to the government’s attitude towards their welfare.