Wednesday, November 30

Video – Senegal – Ousman Sonko Faints in a Rally, His Supporters Claim All is Ok

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Senegal’s opposition leader, Ousman Sonko, today suffered fainting fits and nearly collapsed while attending a public gathering in Bignona, region of Ziguinchor. The ceremony was meant to pray for the 13 people killed during the demonstrations that followed his arrest in March.

Sonko presided over the “ceremony of prayers in memory of the young martyrs of democracy” organized by the Senegalese opposition movement called M2D.

After his speech, the leader of Pastef stood by Diourbel’s veteran politician Aida Mbodj and Cheikh Tidiane Dieye while both made their speeches.

As Aida Mbodji was speaking, Ousmane Sonko slowly lost control of his body, leaning towards Aida Mbodji. The veteran lady politician notices Sonko being caught in dizzy spells and losing feet. She blocked Sonko from collapsing while Cheikh Tidiane Dieye turned around to grab Sonko and prevent him from falling.

The Senegalese opposition leader’s entourage could then be heard and seen, asking eyewitnesses to stop filming the scene.

According to one of his close aides, “Sonko’s got nothing serious. He was overwhelmed by the emotion from the event“. Watch the full video of Sonko fainting below…