Sunday, May 28

VP: Gov’t spends over D28M on flood victims

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“The World Food Programme provided cash transfer of D2,350 to victims monthly in a span of three months – from September to October; and to 5,341 households –  among a total population of 42,728 inhabitants,” explained the vice president, saying this expenditure amounted to three million seven hundred and sixty-five thousand and fifty dalasis.

He expatiated: “The Gambia Red Cross also provided cash transfer amounting to twenty-six million four hundred and forty-nine thousand two hundred and seventy-five dalasis to 1,121 households with a population of 11,416 inhabitants, which was provided immediately after the occurrence of the disaster. 

“The government also supported 1,544 households with a total population of 12,521 inhabitants and each household was provided with one bag of 50kg rice, 20ltrs of oil and a bag of 50kg sugar.”

VP Jallow also revealed he was informed that the National Disaster Management Agency is working on a plan designed to prevent or curb the future occurrence of such disasters.

Responding to a question about security, the Vice President said the government is committed to implementing the security sector reforms.

“Under the security sector reform, there is establishment of the national security office and appointment of national security adviser to coordinate the activities of all security institutions and to lead the SSR process,” he informed deputies.

He added that the government has developed and established a new security architecture, which include a new national security strategy, security sector reform strategy, and legal coordination framework to strengthen the country’s security.