Sunday, February 5

VP Touray launches policy forum 2021

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Organised by the Department of Strategic Policy and Delivery (DSPD), the policy forum seeks to encourage research on policy implications to serve as a foundation for informed decisions when formulating new, or revising old policy in all sectors.

In her keynote address, Dr. Touray said the objective of the forum was to bridge the gap between research and policy, and in indeed to strengthen evidence based policy. She added that in 2019, the government embarked on reforming the former policy and analysis unit at the Office of the President; culminating in the creation of the current DSPD with an expanded mandate including delivery and coordination function.

“The policy analysis unit remains and has since defined collaboration with sectors for rigorous evidence based policy analysis,” VP Tourary noted.

Professor Jainaba M.L. Kah, director general, Department of Strategic Policy and Delivery (DSPD) Office of the President, outlined the importance of the forum, adding that “we need smart and courageous policies on climate change, environment, disaster recovery and management, and this day will set a new bar of how we think about policy considering evidence, dialogue and impact.”

According to her, the idea for the forum was borne out of the mandate of DSPD to support evidence, policy and decision making, “and we hope by bringing together academicians, researchers, policymakers, development partners, civil society and the public would definitely help us in our policy formulation.”

Abdoulie Jarra, PS at the Office of the President, who deputised for the Secretary General, said the forum will ‘put us on the front line of economic and social discuss on public policy making,’ adding that as a government, “we look forward to a more evidence based policy making as we move forward.”

“The work and collaboration that accord in this forum are extremely important to all who are committed to an open driving and engaging policy focus decision.”