Tuesday, January 31

WAFU Announces New Dates for U-20 and U-17 Tournaments

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WAFU/UFOA ‘B’ has announced new official dates for the U-20 and U-17 qualification tournaments and the draw.

In a letter sent to all member Associations on Monday, October 5, WAFU has announced that the U-20 qualification which was earlier scheduled for October 17-31 will now be staged from November 14-29, 2020 in Togo.

The U-17 qualification tournament has also been scheduled to take place from December 5-20, 2020 in Benin.

A virtual draw for the two competitions will be held on October 20 in Abidjan.

The scenario for the draw is as follows: U-20, A1: Togo (Host Country), B1: Nigeria (3rd place in the last U20 AFCON).

U-17 A1: Benin (Host Country), B1: Nigeria (winner of the last zonal tournament).

For each draw, the other teams will be in a single pot. The first draw will be A2, the 2nd drawn will be B2, The 3rd drawn will be A3 and the 4th drawn will be B3, A final draw for the 7th team will be done to determine its A4 or B4 position.

WAFU runs several competitions that cover men’s, women’s, youth. Gambia is in Zone A.