Tuesday, November 29


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The regional bureau of the West African Football Union, WAFU Zone A, will remain in Banjul despite the appointment of a Cape Verdean Gerson Sena Melo to replace Gambian Jammeh Bojang as Executive Director.

Mr Bojang held the position from its creation in 2012. However, he was removed earlier this year and replaced by Melo prompting concern that the bureau too may be moved from The Gambia.

But in the interview with The Standard, the president of The Gambia Football Federation Lamin Kaba Bajo, who is also a member of Wafu, said there there are no plans yet to move the office from Banjul. “The office will remain in Banjul and would be run by the new Executive Director Melo. That is the current position of Wafu,” Mr Bajo said.

Asked how deep the GFF, which had every little oversight over the running of the bureau in the past, will be involved now, Bajo said he may not know how deep the GFF may be involved in the running of the bureau but they are in close contact with the new Executive director. ”The new Executive Director will also be resident in The Gambia and is currently working on his accommodation here,” Mr Bajo said.