Tuesday, March 21

WASCAL celebrates 10 years of combating climate change

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By: Modou Lamin Jarjusey

In its quest to combat climate change in the Gambia, the West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use, on Monday, celebrated its 10 years of improving the livelihoods of people, the event was held at the University of The Gambia. 

Speaking at the event, the Vice Chancellor of the UTG Professor Herbert Robinson said WASCAL seeks to become one of Africa’s leading institutions in the provision of climate services out of West Africa.

 “Educating the next generation on climate change for Africa in different climate-related issues is more resilience of the communities using suitable sustainable management strategies,” he said.

He, therefore, applauded the first director of WASCAL, Musa Sowe, for his tremendous job on climate change. Noting that, WASCAL had achieved some of its objectives like educating the communities on climate change, research, and implementation of masters in climate change and human health. 

On his part, Dr. Mamma Sawaneh, WASCAL Doctoral research program on climate change and education at the university of The Gambia pointed out that the ultimate target of (WASCAL) is to combat climate change through capacity-building support to young west African scholars in fields of natural and social sciences strengthening west African universities and climate service institutions in WASCAL member-countries.

“The Gambia is set up as a regional capacity building effort from the (WASCAL) DRP on climate change and education to give support to West African universities to give their efforts on a regional basis and maximize their capabilities to improve the training in climate change and education for better results and increased benefits to West Africa.”

However, he added that the mission of WASCAL is to provide information and knowledge at the local, national, and regional levels to its West African member countries to cope with the adverse impacts of climate change.

Meanwhile, the West African service Centre on climate change and adapted land use (WASCAL), was established in 2012 and is a climate service international initiative in West Africa with the central focus of combating the impacts of climate change and improving livelihoods in West Africa and beyond.