Tuesday, March 21

WASH Stakeholders review activity report

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By: Nyima Sillah

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) on Wednesday held a stakeholder meeting to review the activity report for proper coordination of WASH, held at NaNa hall in Bakau.

Buba Manjang, Director of Public Health Service ,WASH, emphasized the importance of the review, saying this will help them to ensure that they follow the standard set by WASH.

“We should make sure we follow WASH standards in place and it will also help us to ensure that we work according to our response plans as far as WASH events are a concern.”

“It will also help us to ensure that the defense roles and responsibilities are in place. If we all know what we do, there will be no duplication of powers. We also want to ensure that there is communication amongst us to make us stronger for a good performance. On behalf of the ministry of health, we want to ensure that there is inclusiveness everybody must play a part.”

However, UNICEF representative, who is also the consultant for the project, Haladou Mahaman added that the review will be a great opportunity to see what they have achieved so far and also to compare to see what is remaining for them to achieve in other for them to plan 2023.

“As other stakeholders are around it will help us to share lessons learned because we all know that there is no single WASH project in which we cannot have a cost of some battle necks.

I think from this review of other partners and from implementing NGOs and partners in the field we can see what was the consent and bottleneck in the field so that this year it will help other people and implementing partners to be aware of this bottleneck and to overcome it.”

Program Manager for the project, Lamin Fadera, also said the review is a turning point with regard to proper coordination of WASH Water Sanitation and Hygiene in this country.