Sunday, February 5

We are dealing with National Disaster- Momodou Sabally

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By: Nyima Sillah

Momodou Sabally, an Economist and a Statistician has disclosed that the country is dealing with a national disaster.

He made this statement recently when the Minister of Finance disclosed that the government has confirmed twenty-seven thousand accounts over-paid funds have been recalled.

In an interview with this medium, on Wednesday Sabally said “this alarming situation is not a surprise at all. We have been talking about the hacking of the Central Bank and the government tried to downplay it.”

“Now we are dealing with a national disaster. In this era of digital currency and information economy if the Central Bank can make such a blunder, then how can anyone have confidence in the country’s economy?” the Economist asked.

He stressed that a whole government has salaries delayed because of the incompetence of one arm of that government. Adding that the entire civil service is being affected by this and that is a serious matter.

He, therefore, blamed the government saying “it is the government in its entirety because there is a Minister responsible for cyber security but he is not doing his job right. He added that the head of the Central Bank was appointed by the President and the President bears full responsibility for national security whether it is physical security or information security.”

He suggested that in other to remedy the issue, the government should admit the major security breach concerning the Central Bank hacking and the need to fire the Digital Economy Minister who is already manifesting his incompetence and call up a national conference on cyber security to create a pathway to safer cyberspace in this country.

Meanwhile, he added that the Barrow administration has compromised national security by allowing overstay of foreign forces some of whom are now allegedly killing innocent citizens in Foni.

“Now they have also compromised cyber security which will spell disaster for the entire nation. These are some of the reasons why I believe that we cannot afford to have Barrow complete his term.

“The National Assembly must commence impeachment proceedings against this incompetent government,” he stressed.