Tuesday, March 21

We cannot fix what we didn’t cause – Hon Njai –

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By Mama A. Touray

Honorable Abdoulie Njai, National Assembly Member for Banjul Central constituency has participated in the recently concluded forum in Doha as a key stakeholder and young voice of the climate crisis.

In his presentation on the topic of Transition – Prospects and challenges, he said less developed countries cannot fix what they didn’t cause.

Speaking to the participants, Hon Njai said “We cannot fix what we didn’t cause, and it’s hard to realize it’s only a problem when it starts to affect the culprits.

“We the Least Developed Countries call for Debt cancellation in regards to the climate in LDCs, robust follow up to pledges made by developed countries in Copenhagen, and Significantly increase mobilization of private climate finance to LDCs to name a few.”

He added that to accelerate the collective push of net 0, poor countries must be financed to alternate to renewable.

“It becomes challenging for everyone but worst for Least Developed Countries who contribute little to no emissions and will have to share the bigger burden, especially with the evident inevitable disaster that comes with it, if swift action isn’t taken.” He stressed.

Meanwhile, Hon. Njai emphasized that: “Recognizing accelerated action is required to limit global warming to 1.5°C, the global south specifically the high emitting and developed countries as per the Paris accord to limit greenhouse emissions have failed to honor these commitments.” 

The Hon also mentioned the immense contribution of civil societies and climate actors in the Gambia saying they are playing in advocacy, mitigation, and adaptation processes and the need for continuous support to be given to them to assuring the restoration and sustainability.

The Banjul Central NAM is currently at the United Nations LDC5 conference in Doha championing the advocacy on road to renewable energy transitions in Africa.