Wednesday, September 27

We stand united to empower every Gambian –UN Resident Coordinator

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The United Nations Resident Coordinator Desta Tiruneh, has revealed that the United Nations will stand united in the efforts to empower every Gambian transcending the boundaries of age, gender, and ability.

By doing so, he added, they lay the foundation for the achievement of shared goals, forging a path towards a more peaceful, just and equitable world.

Tiruneh made the remarks at the celebration of the International Youth Day held at the OIC Conference Centre

“Young people are not just the inheritors of our legacy. They are the architects of our future,” he said. “They hold within them the promise of progress and the power to effect lasting change.”

“Their voices are not mere echoes; they are the clarion calls for transformation,” he noted. “It is our duty to uplift and amplify those voices to ensure that they are heard and heeded in the halls of decision-making.”

He thus said that each youth has contributed to the realisation of the 2030 Agenda, embodying the true essence of their collective aspirations.

“Today’s event is dedicated to all the young people of The Gambia whose unwavering commitment and bold leadership serve as an inspiration to us all,” he said.