Friday, February 3

We take seriously our trials and tribulations at The Point

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The Point’s co-publisher Baba Hydara has made touching remarks about the troubles and events the newspaper establishment has gone through over the years, as the company celebrates its 31st Anniversary today, 16 December 2022.

The day, however, comes with sad memories, as it is the fateful day his father, the late Deyda Hydara, the former co-publisher and managing editor of The Point, was assassinated in 2004 under the regime of former dictator Yahya Jammeh for his journalistic professional service to the people of The Gambia and humanity.

“The anniversary coincides with the regrettable death of my dad, the late Deyda Hydara, on 16 December 2004. And because of that it is always hard to say the word “celebrate” because I see it as a day of reflection, a day to reassess what we have been doing at The Point newspaper since he left us on the night of December 16, 2004,” Mr Hydara said.

Remarking on the trial in Celle, Germany, of one of the alleged killers of his father, Mr Hydara said: “Since May this year, the trial against one of the killers of my dad – the first ‘Jungler’ involved in my dad’s killing – began in Celle, Germany, where I am a plaintiff. I have been travelling back and forth to be present at the court, which shows how important that case is to me.

“I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank heartily the German Judiciary for making it possible for my family, the Sillah family, and the Nyassi family to have their day in court.”

Sharing his views about the state of press freedom in The Gambia under the new dispensation, Mr Hydara said that whilst there is room for more improvement, the Barrow government has so far been showing respect for press freedom.

“Under the new dispensation, the press has been enjoying more freedom to carry out their daily activities, compared to the old and former regime of Yahya Jammeh, where journalists were prosecuted on a daily basis,” he remarked, saying: “So I commend President Barrow’s government for their respect for press freedom even though there is room for more improvement as regards press freedom and media growth in the country.

“For us media chiefs and journalists, we also have to reassess ourselves about the work we are doing to ensure we align our work with the principles of professionalism.”

Since its inception 31 years ago, The Point has continued to go from height to height amidst the trials and tribulations of journalism and press freedom.

Reflecting on the struggle so far and the way forward for the paper under their directorship, Mr Hydara says: “We have been doing newspaper for the last three decades. We are celebrating today the 31st Anniversary of the company. This is something I take seriously knowing the trials and tribulations the company has gone through over the years.

“So I am very proud today to see how things are going, making sure, together with my uncle Pap Saine, who is co-publisher of The Point, that the company continues to grow as we take it to higher heights and ensure that it serves the people of The Gambia and humanity at large, which is the aspiration of my father, who lived his life serving people and humanity.”