Thursday, September 21

Westfield Floods hinder livelihood of vendors

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Nenneh Jallow, a  maize seller, explained the difficulties she faces as vendor during raining season. “The floods and improper waterways have made my work so difficult as I have so many kids to feed at home,” she said. “This job is my only source of income to provide food and shelter for my family.”

She added that due to the stagnant water at Westfield, they the roadside traders find it very difficult to market their food as clients also find it difficult and unhealthy to cross through the water to buy food from them.

She urged the government to help create a special space and conducive environment where they would sit and sell effectively without encountering undue challenges, as the stagnant water has gravely affected their business.

Khaddy Njie, a passer-by, said there is a blockage of filth in the waterway which is caused by the rubbish people throw everywhere and when it rains the filth which has blocked the waterways prevents the water from flowing.

“People face countless challenges as some drivers do not care how they drive and would spatter stinky water on people,” she said.

“I therefore urge the government together with the Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council Talib Ahmed Bensouda to seriously work on providing or creating  adequate waterways for easy passage of water,” she appealed.Fallou Faal, a vendor, said they, as well as school children, find it even very diffficult to walk across the flooded road or street.

“As a result of the stagnant water everywhere, I decided to pack my product until the water reduce, and I will continue with my buisness again.”

He also urged the government to construct better waterways to make way for the water so people can get their work done effectively in order to contribute to the gross domestic product of the country’s economy.