Thursday, June 1

‘What does a Cyber-Security know about Audit Report?’- Hon Madi Ceesay –

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By: Nyima Sillah

Hon. Madi Ceesay, National Assembly Member for Serrekunda West Constituency has questioned the recent statement made by Sulayman Camara the cyber security adviser to President Adama Barrow who said the recent Auditor Report on Securiport is half-baked.

Responding to Mr. Camara, Hon. Madi Cessay said “To crown the whole thing as mockery the adviser of the president is also saying that the audit report on the securiport is half-baked.

“I don’t know where the president’s adviser gets that from as a cyber-security adviser. I don’t know what he knows about audit to the extent of referring to the report as half-baked,” he questioned Camara.

He stressed that the audit report was conducted by a creditable independent auditor in the person of Karamba Touray the former auditor general, noting the Office of the National Audit has been existing before he (President Barrow) comes to  Presidency, adding NAO is an independent body to audit government accounts.

“These are really unfortunate statements coming from very prominent officers of this country so it is fearful and scary that the people who should have acted on the auditor’s report are treating as half-bake and also treating it as opinions that can be biased which is unfortunate and I don’t think any serious person can take the president’s word seriously,” he argued.

Hon. Ceesay stressed that it’s high time for the president to be serious with people’s money and stop playing a double game, adding people’s money is entrusted to the government and the auditor general is created to check into those accounts so that people’s money is spent as it should be.

   “I think as of now the president should stop talking for the sake of talking and this is the same president who commented on the councils and this is why I believe that the commission of inquiry set up by the president is just for witch hunts.

“He picked on the KMC and belittled the charges that the council levied against the waste collection but forgetting that he (the president) has constructed bridges that they are collecting money from people before crossing even ferries that the government brings they collect money from taxpayers,” he pointed out.

He added: “I  do  not think the president is ignorant about the report, instead he deliberately wants to brush corruption under the carpet and paint the audit report as an opinion.”