Wednesday, October 4

What would happen if Darboe got disqualified?

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There are plans being hatched in some quarters to challenge the qualification of Ousainou Darboe, in the event he contests the upcoming Presidential elections. The parties concerned, have argued that Darboe’s past criminal conviction disqualifies him to run as a President. His past tax evasion has also been cited as a ground for his possible disqualification.

The Supreme Court of The Gambia has the final say on Darboe’s disqualification. If the court should rule in favor of the would-be petitioners, this would cause a devastating blow to the UDP.

Let us not forget that the Supreme Court has delivered rulings against the Barrow government. Such rulings were hailed by the Gambia’s pro-democracy activists, including the opposition UDP.

It is called the so-called NEW GAMBIA. Citizens are now using the courts to challenge government excesses.

The UDP leadership must be gullible or daydreaming to think that Darboe’s candidature would go unchallenged. The party shouldn’t blame anyone if Darboe got disqualified. No one is above the law.


The disqualification of Darboe would lead to the defragmentation of the UDP. There is this kid called Talib Bensouda, the Mayor of the KMC, he is being groomed by the “mafia” to succeed Darboe, in the event Darboe got disqualified. Talib is the son of Amie Bensouda. Ms. Bensouda is a strong UDP supporter and financier.

Talib’s recent countrywide tour is part of the mafia’s move to sell him within UDP. Darboe has already been labelled as “old” and dysfunctional politician, who is likely going to face a disqualification come December.

Talib would avail himself as a possible candidate if Darboe should get disqualified. If he is denied the opportunity to run, he is likely going to team up with Essa Faal and co to form a political party outside UDP.  I have seen this happening.

Talib wouldn’t be the only person leaving the UDP. Others might also join existing parties or form their parties.

 Election Boycotting

Darboe’s disqualification might also pose national security challenges for the country. His wild supporters wouldn’t accept it and that could lead to violence. Notwithstanding, the law must be enforced no matter who is affected.

UDP boycotting the elections would only consolidate Barrow’s rule. The party should stop the political gambling and find a candidate whose candidature would not be questioned or challenged.