Tuesday, March 28

What’s On Gambia to file complaint to NHRC against police

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A renowned Gambian Facebook group, What’s On Gambia, has disclosed that it will be filing a complaint to the country’s National Human Rights Commission against a member of the Gambia Police Force for assaulting its first admin.
The group also publishes articles on its websites on lifestyle, entertainment and on other domains.

The popular social media group noted it will do so because the Police’s human rights unithas paid a deaf ear on their grievances.

“In November 2022, our own Admin 1 was assaulted by a psychopathic PIU officer at the Governor’s Office in Brikama. The police PRO Cadet ASP Binta Njie advised us to report the matter to their Human Rights Unit for disciplinary action to be taken against the officer,” it stated on its timeline.

“The Human Rights Unit, which is led by OC Sulayman Jawara – one of the loudmouths in the police – was established to receive and handle complaints about police misconduct or abuse.”

“We met OC Jawara on the 17th November 2022 at the University of The Gambia, where he was attending a workshop. After giving a written account of what happened at the Governor’s Office, he promised to open an investigation,” it added.

“But for reasons unknown, the case was later brushed under the carpet and OC Jawara suddenly blocked us on WhatsApp.”

The group added that when they contacted the public relations officer’s bureau to find out why the human rights unit was reluctant to investigate police officers who brutalise their fellow citizens, they declined to comment.

“In the New Gambia, officers, especially those in the PIU, are rarely reprimanded or punished for using executive power that is deemed to go beyond the level required to sustain life, avoid injury, or control a situation. Their bosses and the Ministry of Interior made them believe that it’s an acceptable part of their job description to be violent.”

“Since the police refused to investigate what happened at the Governor’s Office, we are forwarding the matter to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) before we start our Battle of Kansala against the police here on the Grand Bantaba of The Gambia. “

“Under the current government, there is evidence of increased violence in the form of excessive police-initiated force, unwarranted teargassing and shootings of civilians, some of which have been fatal.”

The popular group concluded: “We can end police brutality. Our police officers must respect and protect human dignity or return our uniforms and join the wild animals at the Fathala Wildlife Reserve.”