Sunday, January 29

Will The UDP Congress Bring Some Changes?

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Janjanbureh will this weekend see a groundswell of United Democratic Party (UDP) officials and supporters as they converge on the Island settlement for a weekend of brainstorming on the party’s prospects.

Already, questions as to the state of affairs in the party, regarding leadership and other executive positions have been asked.

For example, some have been asking whether this congress of the Gambia’s biggest opposition party will end up producing the old wine in the same bottle.

Will new faces crop up in the new executive to be constituted after three days of deliberations, some ask?

However, many wouldn’t be surprised to see the retention of the status quo as far as the man at the top of the party is concerned.

Yes, a decent chunk of people would be surprised to see a change of baton at the top.

Darboe appears to be enjoying a huge endorsement from the party right up and down.

The party’s upper echelons and rank and file are comfortable with him bearing the torch and the flag, at least for now.

But you never know!

The late Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara announced his retirement earlier than expected in the 1992 People’s Progressive Party Mansakonko Congress.

So, who knows?

Will we see other surprises such as Momodou Sabally being inducted as the new executive?

How coherent and debilitating the party’s strategy to Barrow’s possible re-election in 2026 will also be very much on display during this three-day congress.

The party unity will be also very much tested during the weekend congress.

Will delegates come out of the Janjanbureh congress smiling, hugging, and back tapping, is another unanswered question.

Indeed, this congress is consequential for the UDP and we are all watching!