Monday, October 3

‘Winning the SESDO Super Cup final is a great achievement for DBO FC’ – Assistant Coach Ebrima Sohna

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By Arfang M.S. Camara

Ebrima Sohna, assistant coach, DBO FC, said winning the Serrekunda East Super Cup final is a great achievement for him, the team and the entire technical bench of the DBO FC.

DBO FC formerly of Manchester United were crowned champions of the Serrekunda East Nawetten OJ Jallow curtain raiser (Super Cup) final after defeating Bantaba FC 1-0 during the final played at the Serrekunda East Park on Friday.

Ebou Touray scored the game’s only goal for the DBO side during the in the 55th minute of the second period after playing a stalemate in the first half.

“We have not been playing nawettan for the past two years, and coming back in the tournament with a win and a trophy is a big boost and an encouragement for the players, fans and the technical side,” assistant coach Ebrima Sohna further said.

According to him, they are hoping to play in another final again after starting brightly in the SEDDO nawettan new season.

“We came to kill them at once. We wanted to bury them in the first fifteen minutes by scoring two or three goals but things couldn’t work which was why we decided to calm down and see their tactics.”

He added that they aim to play in both finals of this year’s SESDO nawettan.

Bakary Dibba, head coach, Bantaba FC, said he is not surprised by the defeat, adding that football is win, lose or draw.

“I am not surprised by the defeat. Of course, we wanted to win as we prepared for that but someday you get it and someday you don’t.”

According to him, they gathered a new team (Bantaba FC) after sitting for two years without nawettan football, adding that they weren’t expecting to hit the road really quickly.

“We learned so much during the final. It was our first test and we’ve been able to identify a lot of mistakes and errors. Our strategy didn’t work because obviously, our opponents were better but we are looking forward to our next game.”

As winners, DBO FC were a awarded a giant trophy, gold medals and a cash prize of D20, 000, while the runners-up Bantaba FC were given silver medals and a consolation prize of D15, 000