Tuesday, May 30

Woman gets 15 years imprisonment for trafficking in persons

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Jennifer was also fined D50,000 on each count. Count one is trafficking in persons contrary to section 28 of the Trafficking in Persons Act while count two is the importation of persons contrary to 32(b) of the Trafficking in Persons Act.

Authorities have described Human Trafficking as a form of modern slavery that involves the recruitment, transport, or transfer of persons using force, fraud or coercion to exploit them for acts of labour or sex.

According to the International Labour Organisation, human trafficking is the fastest-growing organised crime with approximately $150 billion in annual profits and 40.3 million individuals trapped in slave-like conditions.

NAATIP commits itself to continue in its efforts to contain trafficking in persons as mandated by the 2007 TIP Act and just simply doing what is right by its citizens and other nationals who are subjected to being victims and not being allowed to choose who they are, what they wish to become and be free to identify with their true identity.