Tuesday, October 4

Woman tells court how ex-boyfriend stabbed to death

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By Mustapha Jarju &

Kaddy Danso

Fatoumatta Danso, has recounted before the Banjul High Court on Tuesday how four boys brutally stabbed her ex-boyfriend, Ousman Jarju, to death around Palma Rima Beach in 2021

However, his alleged killers have been since arrested and charged with murder before the High Court in Banjul.

Testifying before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh, Ms. Fatoumatta Danso said she knew the late Ousman Jarju 7 years ago and that he hailed from Jalambang, and he worked as a teacher before he started working with the National Audit Office.

She further told the court she went for a beach walk with his ex-boyfriend on the Palma Rima beach at around 7 pm.

“We were sitting on a wheel tire and Ousman later bought a soft drink and we were there until it started to get dark. I asked him to let us go home twice, but he told me to wait a while. Later on, four boys came and pretended they were going back. When one of them took out a Knife and pointed it at us, I was very terrified and I started to run leaving my bag and my shoe at the spot,” she explained as she pointed to the alleged killers of late Jarju in the court.

She identified one of the alleged killers, Hadim Jeng, as the one who pointed the knife at them at the Palma Rima Beach.

“Before I started running, he pointed a knife at me, opening his eyes at me. That was when I started running. I left Ousman with two of his mobile phones with them, later I saw someone running toward me and I continued running thinking it was those who attacked us, it was when he called me I realised it was Ousman he said to me: they stabbed me, I ask who stabbed you he said the four boys,” she told the court