Sunday, November 27

Women and youth of Banjul spill out the bean over NPP woeful performance

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Banjul women and youth have spilled out the beans over the National People’s Party woeful performance in the National Assembly election, a shock they are yet to recover from in Banjul City.

According to them during a press conference held in the city, the ruling party’s failure to win a parliamentary seat in Banjul came as result of power struggle within the campaign team, as many members of the NPP were not happy about how the campaign executive was running things in Banjul.

A man who identified himself as Dou Njai accused the team of wasting a huge amount of dalasis amounting to more than 2 million dalasis for nothing.

“They budgeted D800,000 but President Barrow gave them D2 million. They spent less than D500,000. The government, ministers including Colodiana Cole, Mambury Njie, Bai Lamin Jobe, Sheikh Omar Faye in fact they were six people and each gave us D100,000. And another two people donated the same amount, too.

“We are talking about D2.7 million that’s what the Banjul people got to campaign for the presidential campaign. But less than D500, 000 is what spent. And we went to report the matter to President Barrow but he didn’t take any step and the Banjul people got angry,” he said.

“There was also a push and pull at the revelation of the members of the executive at the Atlantic hotel which caused a fraction in Banjul and people were having meetings in different parts of Banjul,” the group said through its spokesman.

He claimed that “Banjul is still for Barrow, and for Barrow.”