Sunday, February 5

Women still struggle as Fatako battles water shortage

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The community, which is about 350 inhabitants, has been struggling to access portable water supply from an open well with ropes tied to containers as well a dilapidated aging hand-pump – which residents say are not hygienic enough for human consumption.

Wussi Jankor, the alkalo (head) of Fatako village) called for help from NGOs, philanthropists, Samaritans and the government.

“We have been suffering from a shortage of potable water supply for two years now. The two places we get water from are an open well and an old hand pump which is pretty not hygiene as it can cause diseases that could be detrimental to our health,” he said.

“We really need intervention for the possible provision of a borehole that could serve my community,” he stated. “Because we are badly feeling the pinch, especially our women who mostly queue to fetch the water for their families, which is not potable even.”

“However, we have no choice as this is our only source,” the alkalo pointed out. 

Fatoumata Nyabaly, the community women’s leader, noted that women have been in pain all these while, noting that they struggle with long distance walk carrying heavy pans of water fetched from the open well causing them a lot.

She said the well often dries out after few people fetch water forcing others to go to a nearby community to search for water for their domestic needs. 

“The water we are drinking is not good for our health, particularly for our kids. The colour of the water tells you that we are not in good shape as it could deteriorate our health conditions. We are really in need of support,” she concluded.