Monday, December 4

Works progress at 22km OIC Bertil Harding Highway Road constructions

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The construction and expansion project of the 22km Bertil Harding Highway is divided into two phases.  Phase 1 starts from the Airport junction (km 0+000) to Senegambia (km 14+000), while phase 2 starts from Senegambia (km 14+000) to Sting Corner (km 22+000).

Aside from the widening of the 22km Bertil Harding Highway, AREZKI S.A. is also constructing three overpass bridges as part of the project.

The first overpass bridge is at Old Yundum junction (km 2+600). The second overpass bridge is at Brusubi Roundabout (km 9+600) and the third overpass is at Kairaba Avenue intersection (Traffic Lights) (km 18+375).

Meanwhile, all the three overpass bridges are 90m long with 200m ramps/ approaches on each side of the overpass.

The entire OIC Bertil Harding Highway project is being implemented by the National Roads Authority (NRA) and Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure (MOTWI) as the contract Agency.

AREZKI S.A has sub-contracted CSL Senegal Sarl for the piling of the overpass bridge number 3 (km 18+375)

Speaking in an interview during a site visit on Wednesday 11 October 2023, Alhagie Darboe, the 22km OIC project coordinator,  said the current works at the Bertil Harding Highway “are progressing smoothly as the overall physical progress of the project stands at 68%” as at the end of August 2023.

“Aside from the widening of the Bertil Harding Highway, we are also constructing three overpass bridges for the easing of traffic,” he stated.

He added that one of the three overpass bridges (Old Yundum junction km 2+600) is already completed, saying that the remaining two (Brusubi Roundabout and Kairaba Avenue intersection) have works progressing.    

He continued: “The contractor already completed the desk slab for the Brusubi Turntable overpass bridge. What is remaining are the roundabout, backfilling of the remaining two layers of the ramps / approaches, hand rails, waterproofing for the deck slab, concrete barriers, pedestrians sidewalks, the median, street lights and asphalting of the deck slab.”

The coordinator said piling works are also ongoing at the Kairaba Avenue intersection bridge, adding that after completing the piling, they would start with the blinding and foundation slabs for the piers.

According to him, the construction of the Kairaba Avenue overpass, which began this month (October 2023), will be completed in eight months (around April 2024.)

Building of culverts

Mr Darboe revealed that the OIC project has 23 major culverts in the contract, adding that so far 21 have already been built.

“We will have two more culverts to do at km 20+250 after completing the ongoing one at km 15+000 opposite Right Choice Supermarket.

He stated that the culverts for the entire project consist of single, double and four cells, saying the one at the main swampy section before the Kairaba traffic lights “is the biggest culvert with four cells”.