Saturday, January 28

World Albinism Day Celebrated

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By Binta Jaiteh

The Gambia Association of Albinos recently celebrated World Albinism Day. The day was celebrated in form of public information campaign through national symposium.

Scores of members of the Albino Association Gambia held the celebration under the theme: Strength Beyond All Odds and it was chosen to celebrate the achievements and success of person with Albinism.

Speaking at the celebration, Gibairu Janneh, president of the association said “many asked why he organized person with albinism in this country, they don’t face challenges but those questions are one of the answers that established the association.”

“It demonstrated ignorance on the part of our society. Understanding the conditions in which the albino people live. Some years ago, when issues about albinos hit the news from Eastern Africa they are hunted for ritual killings, the whole world rose up primarily to prevent the killing for superstitious belief,” he added.

According to him, people began to think what exactly is Albinism and why they are different, “research evidences raised several issues one of which is the person with albinism particularly in Africa subjected to skin cancer and the reason being we lack melanin and so much exposed to the sun.”
He continued: “This has resulted to lower life expectancy and therefore that factor being exposed to the risk of skin cancer is evident enough to organize ourselves raised awareness about the albinism. We are visually impaired that’s why our eyes are not steady and the visually impaired cannot be corrected. I spent my career copying notes from my friends, the reason is I cannot read what the teacher wrote on the blackboard it doesn’t make me a lazy student but that is the indictment of our society because it shows us that our society has not provide us the instrument that are required.”

People need to be heard and raise awareness so that the duty bearers those who are obligated to make sure that our rights are protected promoted and that our Gambia becomes a society that caters for everyone regardless of class and status, he pointed out.

More so, he said it knows no region, no tribe and it doesn’t recognize poor or rich.
It is simply a blind condition this background is a complete oath with the misconception about albino.

And this is not a result of any bodies’ mistake because you can’t choose who becomes your parent “let us never relent, we have big role to play in changing the misconception of the beliefs about Albino,” he added