Sunday, January 29

Wuli East NAM Calls for Full Implementation Of Audit Recommendations

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Hon. Suwaibou Touray NAM for Wuli East has called for the full implementation of the various National Audit Office (NAO) recommendations, regarding public funds.

While paying tribute to the former auditor general Karamba Touray for his role in the audit of various government agencies and his will to ensure accountability, Hon.Touray underlined that the auditor general’s stance on suspected pilfering of public coffers must be enough motivation to trigger swift investigations into the whereabouts of misused public money.

The Wuli East NAM urged the IGP to immediately settle down to the task of enforcing laws to give meaning to the work of the legislature.

“If no action is taken, no matter what you do or say, there will be no improvement and lawmakers will not see any reason for making laws,” he explained.

He equally expressed his disenchantment over the lackluster financial performances of State-owned Enterprises or SOEs as they’re referred to by their acronym.

He recalled the recent tabling of the SOEs Bill by the energy and petroleum minister but lamented that the SOEs were not paying dividend to the central government.

Hon. Touray pointed out that if SOEs were able to add their receipts up to D10bn, the country’s debt burden will be lightened.

Pending Bills

According to Hon. Touray, it’s still work in progress when it comes to criminal procedure and criminal offences bills.

“Regarding the fifth legislature, we have some pending bills while some of the bills became an act. Crucially, we had the criminal procedure bill and criminal offences bill. They have not been reviewed for more than 80 to 90 years and still they are incomplete,” he lamented.

The Wuli East representative, however, disclosed that the two bills have been referred to the Assembly’s human rights committee as he expressed his disapproval of the bequeathing of incomplete bills to the sixth legislature.