Wednesday, September 28

Yankuba Colley’s remark is a threat to national peace – CPG chairman –

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By: Nyima Sillah

Seedy Cham, the Chairman of the Coalition of Progressive Gambians (CPG) said the remarks made by former Mayor Yankuba Colley are a threat to national peace. He, therefore, urged the IGP to demonstrate neutrality and fulfill his oaths, and order the arrest of Honourable Yankuba Colley for spreading and encouraging violence between the NPP and UDP.

Cham said that the comments made by Colley are an incitement of violence and undemocratic for that matter, the IGP should act now without fear or favor as he is sworn to protect people’s rights.

He said had it been that the statement was made by anyone perceived as opposition he/she could be behind the bars by now.

In a released statement, Chairman Cham said the CPG also urged the National Assembly members to boycott the president’s state of the nation address if he fails to issue a warning statement to his party and alliance militants to respect the honorable Assembly and not to appear with partisan’s colors.

According to him, they received disturbing audios with serious concerns that the members of the breakaway APRC and the NPP has formed a tax force committee headed by the national mobilizer Yankuba Colley of the breakaway APRC and the NPP regional chairman, Ounda Nyang to make mass mobilization of party supporters to attend state of the nation address in their party T-shirts and make it political jamboree.

“We believed this will be a total disrespect to the National Assembly, there is nothing wrong to attend seating of the National Assembly, but is very scary to hear NPP/ APRC executive members calling on party militants to wear their party colors and occupy the National Assembly in support of the president during his state of the nation address which is mandatory on the president,” he said.

Further to that, he said “the National Assembly is not for one party, it is composed of all political parties and independents. If other parties also call their militants to attend the caucus with their party colors, what do you expect to happen? This will lead to provocations and possible violence,” he noted.

He, therefore, said that the Coalition of Progressive Gambians (CPG) hereby called the president to stop his party militants from carrying their party colors to occupy the National Assembly on the day of the president’s state of nation address scheduled for the 15th Sept 2022.