Monday, March 27

Youth employment will address high crime rate

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By Karimatou Jallow

Creating more jobs for employment opportunities, according to some people, will help to address rising crime rates like stabbing, stealing and robbery in the country.

This further becomes an issue barely a week as President Adama Barrow officially sworn-in for another five-year term. Meanwhile, President Barrow launched a nationwide war against crimes in the country in 2021 after assigning the national guards and police to fight crimes.

Soundings some people’s opinion within the Serrekunda, many people called on the government to create more job opportunities for the youths to reduce the rate of unemployment and crime rate among the youths in the society.

“Thieving in this area is becoming rampant and they make people cry every day. This is as results of the government not taking any action against such crime, whenever a thief is caught and is taken to the police station the next day he is released; however, this is not what we expect from them – police. Let them exercise their duties by punishing them until they understand what they are doing is not good because they are making innocent people cry every day,” Malado Barry said.

Malado added that parents should teach their children good manners because everything starts at home, they should send their children to school or send them to learn skill work, saying all those stealing around got no work.

“However, let the government create more job opportunities for the youth to venture, with that I’m sure all this truancy from the youths will come to an end or at least reduced to low level,” she added.

Mama Saidou Jallow said the rampant robbery in the country is as a result of high rate of unemployment, “because in there are many graduates sitting at home without job, what do you expect them to do or depend on. Obviously they some turned to thieving as a profession.”

According to her, in order to make things easy, parents should send their children to school or skill centres at early age so that they can acquired educational or skill knowledge.

Wurry Bah shared similar views with others while calling for a tough punishment for anyone caught stealing.